Ulrich Barns Builders: Manufacturing The Finest Carriage House Doors

Now we have our new carriage house ready for the Christmas. Can you believe it? I still find myself amazed when I take a look at the backyard. The Ulrich Barn Builders arrived last week and the building was ready in a couple of days, and they took an extra day to ensure that it was properly built.


They pre-fabricated the first story in their Texas warehouse. During delivery, the structures arrived in two pieces and the rest of the structure was assembled on site. I actually was present on the site and watched how the skilled craftsmen put the pieces together. I took pictures at each and every step so I could look at it later and show my friends.

The building company possesses tremendous experience. The family has been in business for three generations. Ulrich specializes in building custom and pre-fab garages, barns, carriage houses, sheds, pool houses, gazebos, cabanas and other storage structures. The guys worked efficiently from morning till late evening and they were all very cooperative, friendly, and courteous.

Now that you know quite a lot about carriage house garages, what about the doors? People have literally forgotten about carriages, and are more familiar with cars and other vehicles. But carriage houses and carriage style doors are trending. These doors are usually made of wood, steel, and faux wood composite. The doors open overhead with a remote or an opener. I spoke with Ulrich and they reported that around 20% of the new doors being sold are sophisticated carriage style ones. These doors are moderately priced. You have different options and styles to choose from and they also come with a warranty.

Are you planning to build a carriage house or install a carriage house door? I would highly recommend Ulrich Barn Builders in Texas. They did not give me any discounts on the project, but they charge very affordable rates. The end result was an impressive carriage house garage. I am happy to share my ideas with all of you.


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